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Table 1.

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Devices most likely to benefit from PM - from a patient safety perspective

These devices are considered to be potentially "PM-critical" because they could have an adverse effect on patient care either

(a) when they fail unexpectedly because a scheduled device restoration task had not been completed in a timely manner (see Table 2.), or
(b) when they develop a significant but hidden performance or safety deterioration because a scheduled safety testing task had not been performed in a timely manner (see Table 3.)

The items in red are the top twenty devices in Table 4., (those with the highest potential severity adverse outcomes if they fail - what the CMS regulation defines as "critical equipment").

The table also provides a useful "crosswalk" between different commonly used names for the different device types. Downloading Table 1. into Excel will allow entry of alternate terms (AKAs) for device types and manufacturer-model combinations other than the Task Force-recommended (preferred) terms listed, by using the Excel search feature.

(This table was last revised on 7-12-17) (See updated version of this page at Table 1)

Recommended standard name
for each HTMC device type
for each HTMC device type
Other AKAs (Also Known As's)
for each HTMC device type
(use Excel keyword search on document)
PM Procedure
Rec. standard name
for each man.-model version
Other AKAs (Also Known As's)
for each man.-model version
(use Excel keyword search on document)
Other PM procedures
(by manufacturer
-model) for:
1 AED Defibrillators, External, Semiautomated (18500) automated external defibrillator; shock-advisory defibrillator; AED-01 AEDs
1a AED AED-01 Physio-Control LIFEPAK 1000
1b AED AED-01 Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus
2 anesthesia unit Anesthesia Unit (10134) anesthesis/analgesia unit; anesthesia machine; gas machine;
anesthesia system
ANES-01 anesthesia units
2a anesthesia unit ANES-01 XXX
3 apnea monitor Monitors, Bedside, Respiration, Apnea (12575) apnea alarm, apnea detector, respiration monitor APN.M-01 apnea monitors
3a apnea monitor APN.M-01 XXXX
4 autotransfusion unit Autotransfusion Unit (10239) AU.TR-01 autotransfusion units
5 Blood Bank refrigerator Refrigerators, Blood Bank (15171) Blood Bank, RE.BB-01 Blood Bank refrigerators
6 blood gas analyzer Analyzers, Laboratory, Blood Gas (18617) analyzer, blood gas; BL.G.A-01 blood gas analyzers
7 blood pressure monitor (invasive) Physiologic Monitor Modules, Invasive Blood Pressure (20772) monitor, blood pressure, invasive BP.M-01 blood pressure monitors
8 blood pump, extracorporeal Pumps, Extracorporeal Perfusion (13203) pump, extracorporeal, perfusion; roller pump, left ventricular assist
device, LVAD
BL.P.E-01 blood pumps, extracorporeal
8a blood pump, extracorporeal BL.P.E-01 XXXXX
9 blood warmer warmer, blood and plasma BL.WA-01 blood warmers
10 bone densitometer B.DEN-01 bone densitometers
11 brachytherapy unit BR.TH-03 brachytherapy units
12 cardiac resuscitator resusitator, cardiac C.RES-01 resusitators, cardiac
12a cardiac resuscitator C.RES-01 YYY
13 C-arm Radiographic, Fluoro, C Arm rad/fluoro C-arm, C.ARM-01 C-arms
14 cataract extraction unit Cataract Extraction, Phacoemulsification aspirator, cataract; phacoemulsifier, phaco CAT.X-01 cataract extraction units
15 cath lab CATH-01 cath labs
16 clinical lab analyzer Multiple more specific names C.L.A-01 clinical lab analyzers
17 contrast injector Injector, angiographic (cardiac catheterization), angiographic injector, C.INJ-01 contrast injectors
18 critical care ventilator volume ventilator; intensive care ventilator; C.VEN-01 critical care ventilators
18a critical care ventilator C.VEN-01 YYYY
19 CT scanner Radiographic, Scanner, CT, System CAT scanner; CT; CT-01 CT scanners
20 defibrillator/ monitor Defibrillator/Monitor defib; DEF-01 defibrillator/ monitors
20a defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Philips HeartStart MRx
20b defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Philips HeartStart XL
20c defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Philips M4735A
20d defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Physio-Control LIFEPAK 12 (now div of Stryker)
20e defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15
20f defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20
20g defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20e
20h defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Propaq M
20i defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Propaq MD
20j defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Zoll M Series
20k defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Zoll R Series ALS
20l defibrillator/ monitor DEF-01 Zoll R Series Plus
21 ECG recorder ECG, ECG machine; EKG, EKG machine ECG.R-01 ECG recorders
22 EEG recorder EEG, electroencephalograph, EEG machine EEG.R-01 EEG recorders
23 electrophysiology Lab EP Lab EP.LB-01 electrophysiology Labs
24 electrosurgical unit Electrosurgical Device electrosurgical unit, general purpose; ESU; ESU-01 electrosurgical units
25 endoscope, specialty Multiple more specific names ENDO-0X endoscopes, specialty
26 external pacemaker pacemaker, cardiac, external EX.PA-01 external pacemakers
27 fetal monitor FET.M-01 fetal monitors
28 gamma camera nuclear med camera; nuc med camera; G.CAM-01 gamma cameras
29 heart-lung bypass unit heart-lung machine, heart-lung unit H.L.BY-01 heart-lung bypass units
30 hemodialysis blood pump pump, blood, extra-luminal HE.B.P.-01 hemodialysis blood pumps
31 hemodialysis unit dialysate delivery system, single patient HEMO-01 hemodialysis units
32 hypo/ hyperthermia unit HYPO-01 hypo/ hyperthermia units
33 infant incubator Incubator, Infant Incubator, neonatal; IN.IN-01 infant incubators
34 infant scale scale, infant IN.SC-01 infant scales
35 infant warmer Warmer, Infant, Radiant warmer, infant; radiant warmer; IN.WA-01 infant warmers
36 infusion pump Pump, Infusion INF.D-01 infusion pumps
37 intra-aortic balloon pump Circulatory assist unit, intra-aortic balloon I.A.B.P-01 intra-aortic balloon pumps
38 lab microscope microscope, lab MIC.L-01 lab microscopes
39 linear accelerator rad therapy unit LN.AC-01 linear accelerators
40 mammo unit Radiographic, Mammo mammography unit MAMO-01 mammo units
41 MRI scanner Scanner, MRI magnetic resonance imaging unit; MRI-01 MRI scanners
42 neonatal monitor NEO.M-01 neonatal monitors
43 opthalmic laser laser, argon, surgical (opthalmic) O.LAS-01 opthalmic lasers
44 OR light surgical light; OR.LI-01 OR lights
45 otoscope otoscope, opthalmoscope OTO-01 otoscopes
46 oxygen analyzer analyzer, oxygen OXY.A-01 oxygen analyzers
47 oxygen monitor O2 monitor OXY.M-01 oxygen monitors
48 patient monitoring system P.M.S-01 patient monitoring systems
49 PCA pump Pump, Infusion, PCA Pump, infusion, patient controlled analgesia; INF.D-03 PCA pumps
50 peritoneal dialysis unit P.DIA-01 peritoneal dialysis units
51 PET scanner PET-01 PET scanners
52 PET/ CT scanner P.CT-01 PET/ CT scanners
53 PET/ MRI scanner P.MR-01 PET/ MRI scanner
54 phototherapy light light, neonatal, phototherapy; bilirubin light, bili light; PH.LI-01 phototherapy lights
55 portable x-ray unit Radiographic, Mobile x-ray, mobile; PORT-01 portable x-ray units
56 pulse oximeter P.OX-01 pulse oximeters
57 R&F room Radiographic, Fluoro, General radiographic/fluoroscopic unit, image-intensified; R&F-01 R&F rooms
58 rad room Radiographic, General RAD-01 rad rooms
59 radiation dosimeter R.DOS-01 radiation dosimeters
60 radioisotope calibrator R.CAL-01 radioisotope calibrators
61 special procedures room S.PRO-01 special procedures rooms
62 sterilizer STER-01 sterilizers
63 surgical guidance unit S.GUI-01 surgical guidance units
64 surgical laser laser, surgical; S.LAS-01 surgical lasers
65 surgical robot S.ROB-01 surgical robots
66 syringe pump Pump, Infusion, Syringe INF.D-02 syringe pumps
67 telemetry system TELE-01 telemetry systems
68 thyroid uptake unit TH.UP-01 thyroid uptake units
69 tomo room Radiographic, System, Tomo TOMO--01 tomo rooms
70 transcutaneous O2/ CO2 monitor TRA.M-01 transcutaneous O2/ CO2 monitors
71 transport incubator Incubator, Infant, Transport Incubator, neonatal, transport T.INC-01 transport incubators
72 transport ventilator T.VEN-01 transport ventilators
73 ultrasound scanner Scanner, Ultrasound, System scanner, ultrasound; ULTR-01 ultrasound scanners
74 ventilator Ventilator ventilator, continuous VENT-01 ventilators
75 vital signs monitor VS.M-01 vital signs monitors
76 xenon scintigraphy system XE.SC-01 xenon scintigraphy systems

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