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PM-related reliability

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A device's PM-related reliability is determined by the most frequently encountered of the two kinds of failure that are PM-preventable;

  1. Premature failure of one or more of the device's non-durable parts, and
  2. Hidden performance deterioration or safety deterioration types of failure.

The device's PM-related reliability is the lesser of the following two MTBFs (the one representing the lower level of reliability) :

  • The MTBF representing the wear-out failure rate - based on the total of:
  1. Any overt MR1 failures caused by inadequate device restoration (from the repair cause coding) and
  2. Any PM Code 9 findings (which are immediate precursors of the overt MR1 failures caused by inadequate restoration).
  • The MTBF representing the hidden failure rate - based on the total of any hidden performance and safety failures detected by the safety verification tasks (PM Code F findings)

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