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Next steps

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As of 8-2-17

Listed by target due date or target completion date, then in order of task number:

  1. 8-3-17 - Host TF Meeting (AL, MR) (See Docs/AAMI RCM Project/AAMI RCM Project 2/TF call agendas)
  2. 8-15-17- MR/AL to run draft of AEM Program article by George Mills. (Status of PT 1.4)
  3. ASAP - MR/AL/NL/SG/MB to complete final draft of AEM program paper and submit for publication. (Status of PT 1.5)
  4. ASAP - DA/HH/BM/MC to complete generic procedures for "Top Twenty" device types. (Status of PT 2.1)
  5. ASAP - MC/SG/Al to submit suggested new material as public comment to EQ 89 Committee. (Status of PT 2.2)
  6. ASAP - MC/ML to follow up with VS about spreadsheet for Christiana (Status of PT 3.1)
  7. ASAP - MC/ML to follow up with VS about VA (Status of PT 3.1)
  8. ASAP - VS to continue soliciting possible collaborators (Status of PT 3.1)
  9. ASAP - MC/MR/AL to review latest useable data (mapped and new). (Status of PT 4.1)
  1. BB - AL to re-think how best to involve the manufacturers. (Status of PT 1.3)
  2. BB - AL to follow up with AdvaMed and MITA. (Status of PT 1.3)
  3. BB - PL/AL to continue conversion of website documents to WordPress. (Status of PT 1.5)
  4. BB - MR to keep cleaning up website documents. (Status of PT 1.5)
  5. BB - MC/AL to follow up with GUDID. (Status of PT 2.2)

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