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Fennigkoh-Smith method

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The original method for prioritizing the different types of medical devices according to which would benefit most from periodic PM was described in a publication by Larry Fennigkoh and Brigid Smith who were then at St Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee (HTM ComRef 6). The Fennigkoh-Smith method used a simple prioritization metric that the authors called the EM (equipment management) number, which is derived by quantifying and compounding together four other descriptors (equipment function, clinical application, maintenance requirements and equipment incident history). The EM number is then used as an indicator for which types of device would benefit from some kind of planned maintenance. Items with a higher EM number were considered to benefit more than those with lower numbers and device types with an EM number above a certain value were required to be included in a documented "equipment management program" where they were subjected to certain control measures such as being maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations.

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