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(This page was last revised on 6-16-14)

Project Logsheet. Historical timeline of the evolution of the project

4-15-13. Opened up the "still under construction" site to a few selected invitees. The illustrative database tables and the PM procedures are still incomplete.

5-5-13. Distributed a Google Groups invitation to review the initial (still incomplete) materials on the website to the "Invitation List" for the May 31 meeting of the CEMC Technology Management Subcommitte (aka the annual "Manny's Meeting")

5-6 thru 8-13. Distributed similar invitations to review the materials to several other individuals who have been active in the response to CMS, including Karen Waninger and Paul Kelley.

5-15-13. Added a new section ("Analysis") to the illustrative Detailed Proof Table (Critical care ventilator/ Carefashion-Velour/ 6 months explaining the comment in the Summary Proof Table (Table 5. Critical care ventilators (illustrative hypothetical example)) about the poor MTBF not being maintenance-related.

5-21-13. Completed and uploaded HTM ComDoc 9. - "Medical devices that may benefit from PM from a business/ economics viewpoint".

5-24-13. Completed and uploaded the remaining tables; Table 6.,Table 7.,Table 8.,Table 9..

6-1/3-13. Made brief but well received presentations on the project to The Technology Management Committee and the Clinical Engineering Management Committee of AAMI at their anuual meeting in Long Beach,CA.

6-5-13. Added reference to the Task Force's short promotional piece "Doing it by the numbers" to the HTM Community Database Project page.

6-10-13. The short promo piece "Doing it by the numbers" was published as an AAMI Blog. The first feedback was received from Ken Maddock, VP for Facility Support Services who said that he was "very impresssed with the quality and quantity of the work" (so far). Feedback from William Hyman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University, expressed some concerns with the brief promo piece; the primary issue being that the illustrative hypothetical response "totally ignores failures that are independent of PM issues".

6-12-13. Feedback from Robert Stiefel, President of RHS Biomedical Engineering Consulting LLC, Baltimore included comments that the project appeared to be "well organized", but he is concerned about "getting people to participate by adding data" and asked "Specifically, what do you anticipate are the next steps." See our initial response to this question on a newly created page (Next steps)

12-28-13. Added a new section - "In Memoriam" - to the Main Page featuring an Honor Roll of individuals no longer with us who have been recognized for professional contributions they made to the HTM Community during their lifetimes.

4-10-14. Added a new section - "Personal Recollections of the Evolution of the Profession" - to the main page prompted by a suggestion by George Johnston to the Advocacy Committee of the ACCE.

5-15-14. Another promo piece "Metrics for Equipment-related Patient Safety" authored by Malcolm Ridgway and Larry Fennigkoh was published in the May/June issue of Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology. The first feedback was received from D. Courtney Nanney, National Quality Manager, Clinical Engineering with Catholic Health Initiatives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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