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A suggestion by George Johnston

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During the 2012 AAMI meeting I was sitting with some “old timer” clinical engineering colleagues (of which I am the oldest of course) having our-end-of-day cocktail and discussing the aging of ACCE and the growing loss of ACCE history.

I had suggested some years ago that ACCE should establish a position of archivist, as I had begun to note how often those of us who were long term or founding members, were being asked for specific bits of historical data. We agreed that it was time to develop a written history of ACCE and perhaps maintain it as a journal.

One friend commented that by now it was unlikely that any one member would be able to recall all the details and events associated with the founding and growth of ACCE. So another suggested that perhaps we could take the “WIKI” approach where a first cut write-up could be circulated through the ACCE Newsletter with an invitation for members to fill in missing details from their recall. We suggested that Tom Judd, currently chair of the Advocacy Committee and one of the colleagues present, take the initial action of getting that started.

It then occurred to me that I and a few other “old timers” have long had an interest in gathering historical data on early medical technology and even written a few articles on the subject. Perhaps the WIKI approach might be a good way to develop a truly comprehensive history of the evolution of medical technology.

So here is my start: Personal recollections of the evolution of the profession - by George I. Johnston

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